Lifting height
    : 19.60 m
    Maximum lifting capacity
    : 8.090 kg
    : 9.460 kg
    Maximum working radius
    : 18.80 m
    Transport Height
    : 2.49 m
    Transport width
    : 1.67 m
    Transport length
    : 5.90 m

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    The MC815 model stands at the head of the Maeda range with a massive 8.09 tonnes lifting capacity making it the strongest lifter to date.

    With a 19.6m lifting height, new 10.4” multi function touchscreen monitor and the added bonus of 1000kg pick and carry capacity, this crane offers unrivalled versatility with great lifting duties. The optional 1500kg hydraulic 2-section Fly Jib increases maximum lifting height to 25.5m. There is an all new Searcher Hook giving class leading duties of 1000kg.

    New to this model is power lifting mode and multi outrigger mode, joystick control radio system, self levelling function, auto crane stow via remote and EU stage IIIB compliant engine to make it environmentally friendly.

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    • Max Lifting Height with Optional Fly Jib Attachment 25.5m
    • 1000kg Pick & Carry Duty
    • Crane/Outrigger Interlock System
    • 10.4 inch Touch Panel LCD Monitor
    • Auto Stowage
    • Slew Restriction Device
    • Hydrostatic Transmission
    • 6 fall / 4 fall / 2 fall Hook Block
    • Tilt Sensor/Alarm
    • Data Logger
    • Multi Outrigger Mode
    • Joystick Remote Control
    • Self Levelling Function

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