Lifting height
    : 8.70 m
    Maximum lifting capacity
    : 2.820 kg
    : 1.990 kg
    Maximum working radius
    : 8.20 m
    Transport Height
    : 1.47 m
    Transport width
    : 0.75 m
    Transport length
    : 3.28 m

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    The MC285-3 is by far the most popular Maeda model. This mini crane is available with a Yanmar diesel engine (standard) or in a combined drive with a diesel and (detachable) electric motor.

    The outrigger can be multi-position and is controlled by a torque limiter, meaning operators can lift the maximum rated load between the outriggers when fully extended, even though the other outriggers are variably outrigged.

    New features on the MC285C-3 model include the slew angle limit setting, a new 7-inch display, an HBC radio remote control and a detachable electric motor. The Yanmar diesel engine meets the requirements for the new EU Stage V gas emission standards.

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    • Multi Outrigger Positions
    • Crane/Outrigger Interlock System
    • 7” Display
    • HBC Radio Remote Control
    • Working Limit Settings
    • Programmable Moment Limiter
    • Data Logger
    • Tilt Alarm
    • 4/2 Fall Hook Block
    • Optional Detachable Electric Motor
    • Optional 850kg Searcher Hook
    • Optional Single Fall Hook
    • Optional 900kg Auxiliary Winch

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