Lifting height
    : 8.70 m
    Maximum lifting capacity
    : 2.820 kg
    : 1.995 kg
    Maximum working radius
    : 8.21 m
    Transport Height
    : 1.47 m
    Transport width
    : 0.75 m
    Transport length
    : 2.80 m

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    The MC285CB-3 is Maeda's first fully electric mini crane.

    With the lithium-ion battery, this crane can be used for up to a full working day, and the device can be fully charged in 3.5 hours. In addition, continuous use during charging is possible, which facilitates use and increases efficiency.

    The benefits go further than just the environmental aspect. Higher energy efficiency, productivity as well as lower maintenance costs and less need for ventilation can be added to the list of benefits.

    The crane capacity and working speeds are the same as the regular MC285C-3. The battery powered MC285CB-3 has a maximum capacity of 2.82 tons x 1.4m. The maximum lifting height on the ground is 8.7 m and the maximum working radius is 8.205 m x 0.15 tons. All this is packed into this innovative piece of technology that weighs only 1995 kg.

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    • Lithium-ion Battery
    • Minimal charging time & continuous operation while charging
    • Multi Outrigger Positions
    • Crane/Outrigger Interlock System
    • 7” Display
    • HBC Radio Remote Control
    • Working Limit Settings
    • Programmable Moment Limiter
    • Data Logger & Tilt Alarm
    • White rubber tracks as standard
    • 4/2 Fall Hook Block

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